Eduardo Asensio Garuti was born in Gràcia in Barcelona July 20, 1950. He had his first contact with the glass when he was 14 years old and went to work as an apprentice in the company Afora (currently Fischer ), which manufactured scientific glass items for a laboratory. This beginning had a permanent influence in his professional career. 

His art was also influenced by his seduction for the medieval alchemy, a discipline in which each master manufactured his own glass utensils used for preserving, distillation , experimenting…

In 1973 he founded his first company . The key to his success? borosilicate as the raw material to manufacture all kinds of decorative items, being his star piece the glass ship inside a bottle.The company grew and employed 120 workers in Spain and had a branch in the United States from where it supplied the American market .

In 1992 he got the export award. Unfortunately in 1998, the company was destroyed by fire and was unable to restart the activity because all the technology they had developed during those 25 years was lost.

Forced to reinvent himself, in 2000 he started again but this time focusing his creations on the high cuisine and the manufacturing of glass parts for design lamps. It is around that time that he invented his famous vinegar spray.

In 2010, he started working in LOREFAR, a union of the companies FARO , BIOSCA and BOTEY and Dresslight. As a result, a new company would be created, VITROGARUTI, where Eduardo would be both a worker and shareholder.

Two years later, for several reasons, he left his business to return to his roots . His contribution to the world of glass during those forty years is a collection of countless new objects and over 100 patents.

In 2013 the artist came to stay, an artist who never has enough time to make everything his overwhelming imagination creates. That is when he starts working again with his hands and applying his mastery to the uniqueness of each piece.

Watching him work is to view an act of creation, a dance between Man, Glass and Fire. From the passion of the genius, unique objects are born. Eduardo Garuti: When Glass becomes Art.